Dirty Startups at BarCampCHS

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Today I spoke at BarCampCHS. After many requests I decided to upload my deck.  Here is my pitch deck pitching How To Do A Quick and Dirty StartUp – BarCampCHS: DirtyStartups.   I have been pretty busy lately but have been taking a ton of notes for several blogs in the future.  Also note please follow me now @tctjr.

Until then,

Go Big Or Go Home!


  1. Thank you so much, Ted. My daughter in Oakland, CA really does need this advice at the start-up where’s she’s working now! She’s intensely frustrated by the founder’s unwillingness to do the business side and only concentrate on the technology side.

  2. @tctjr – In your presentation you hinted that NDAs are fairly useless & rarely enforced. You have tones of “trust needs to be earned” in various posts on Twitter & on the blog. In today’s connected society the people you want to share with in your industry have a higher likelihood of being connected to the competition.

    Thus my question is this…

    In the early stages of a startup how do you share the “awesome” of your idea with people that will inevitably be unknowns and “potential enemies” until proven otherwise? I get that VCs aren’t really a threat here, but building an advisory board is more of a challenge.

  3. idea2bank says:


    Great questions. Sharing the wow factor is an art. What to leave in and what to take out. It is a relationship building process. Most people who are working in this arena have some level of ethics and to be “honest” is they do not it will catch up with them. It always does. If people are having trouble signing an NDA that is a problem . Use an NDA as a measuring stick. Learn how to read people. Go Big or Go Home!


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