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14 years ago today I was surfing a hurricane swell.   Sunny perfect head high waves were as good as it gets for this area. I caught a great wave rode it got a tube ride in fact then for some reason still beyond me I came in and said it was time to go home. Something didn’t feel right to me.

A couple of days earlier I was on a call from the United States to Costa Rica that went something like this at the tail end of the call:

T: “Hey man really how are you?”
S: “I am happy. If I had known it was going to be like this I would have done this years ago.”
T: “ That is great to hear. I’ll see you in a couple of days.”
S: “Yea man.”
T: “ This is going to be incredible.”
S: “Yes it is.”
T: “See ya!”
S: “Later!”

Then a day later I received a call which caused everything to come to an abrupt end.

This process had started a long time ago (a decade?) in a land far away when I asked some men very close to me one thing:

Q: What object is it that you truly desire?

Not in an existential aspect but something that you really truly wanted from a material standpoint  that you believe would otherwise be unobtainable?

This in an of itself is an interesting thought exercise as most are taught not to want or desire the carnal or material aspects of life.

This one man named Steven Swenson (aka Sven) responded, “ I want a custom made Beneteau 48 foot sloop to sail around the world with my family.

We all had an object of desire that we filed away in the area of what I call “The-Is-To-Be”.

I told Sven that one day he would have his boat and sail around the world. In addition to the boat purchase that was eventually named “Trinity” we were going write author book called “From The Valley To The Sea.” We promised each other that if anyone one of us walked in and said “hey its time to get that “Object Of Desire”  he/they would push back from their computer(s) and go without hesitation. We also said that if this was too much to ask they could easily bow out of the tribe.

In the spirit of this pact I enacted the process one day. I will never forget as I prepared myself most of the day before going into Sven’s office. I walked into his office and said “Hey you ready for that boat?” He immediately shut down his silver G4, pushed back his chair and without hesitation or questioning gave an emphatic “ sure lets go!” If memory serves correct he was out of his office before I could get to the door or respond to this actions.

That type of dedication, loyalty and trust between men hardly exist in today’s society or we are told that it shouldn’t exist. I am reminded of the adage “Being a good man doesn’t always mean being good.” Respect at this level is earned and once it is earned it appears to last forever.

Our lives are becoming ever more transient, and these types of engagements are fleeting if they exist at all. Deep dedication to a higher calling is unheard of in today’s society.   Even our relationships in all of thier aspects are becoming seemingly nothing more than pithy toilet paper page views.

This is especially in the area of relationships between men.

This event as are many with my comrade are crystallized in time. I refuse to let them go as Roy Batty says in Bladerunner “Lost in time like tears in the rain.” Nor am I being a martyr wallowing in self pity (in fact quite the opposite) nor am I creating a “better someone in death” scenario.

Indulge in the now, push back when the time comes, engage deeply in your relationships with those that truly matter and respond in like kind.

Sven had told me that its astounding, transcendent and humbling being at the helm of his boat in the middle of the night, in the middle of the pacific looking at the sea, sky and the stars.

I hope that he found his C-Beams glittering forever upon the sea.

Also remember it is an honor to say goodbye to someone. No matter how seemingly trite mean it when you say “Goodbye”.

As always with much Love to his wife, and two sons.

“Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly
Into the mystic”

Rest In Power, Sven.



Revisiting Tannhäuser Gate

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I haven’t written anything personal in quite some time due to several factors. I was compelled due to recent events. As most know or should be aware if you are a fan of science fiction, artificial intelligence or biology then you know that Rutger Hauer left this place we call Earth. Rutger played Roy Batty, replicant,Nexus model number N6MAA10816, which was a combat model. He was also the leader of a renegade replicant group that hijacked a shuttle and traveled to Earth to demand a longer lifespan. I watched both BladeRunners in sequential format. Earlier this year I re-read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, !984 and Brave New World within a two week period. AFAIC while 1984’s dystopian purview was enthralling and the terminology was spot on, the aspects of DADOES was and is so much more prescient and dealt more within our psyche and of our so called modern world. With the passing of Rutger Hauer I was reminded of the immensity of the final death monologue that he authored and performed, supposedly in one take to the amazement of those in attendance even bringing them to tears. Here is the scene:

Roy Talks About The Gate

I also believe the original soundtrack design by Vangelis‘ that Hans Zimmer in the 2049 remake essentially duplicated, in obvious deference, I would hope to due its perfection, adds to the immensity of the scene. What strikes me about this scene is the curios aspect the original Blade Runner was set in 2019 and Mr Hauer passed away in 2019. I call that #suspiciouscoincidence. What also struck me about watching this film for the (Nth) time was the sheer love of the experience of living that awe inspiriting retrospection of the beauty of the sheer joy of the experience itself that was being presented by an android who just saved the life of the human that was sent to exterminate him! The duality is astounding! Furthermore the android knew full well that he was being extinguished due to a timeout algorithm. Yet he still takes his time to emote on the carnality and the sheer magnitude for the love of existence. I spend an exorbitant amount of time nowadays thinking about machines that possibly can learn, think, reason and understand the world around them. Sentience is bandied about like useless tweets these days yet we are so far removed from the essence of existence. Sometimes I believe the real reason we are so enthralled about these types of endeavors is just to gain control. Control over everything even – death.

As an aside in complexity theory no one really knows why Fibonacci sequences and the Golden Ratio are so prevalent? That is but one example of how much we do not know. I digress.

Roy had an understanding of how short his existence was and how much time he had to experience the universe. Quality Over Quantity is a maxim that comes to mind. While it is not for me to say whether N6MAA10816 was “good” or “evil” – he did save Harrison Ford’s (aka The Blade Runner) life – I can assure you that he was envious of what we humans have here on this beautiful planet. We have C-Beams right in front of us everyday.

I’ll probably be retiring this blog and moving everything over to my official site in the future

Until then,

Go Big or Go Home (or to the Tannhäuser Gate)



“With heart and hand I pledge you while I load my gun again, you will never be forgotten or the enemy forgiven, my good comrade.” ~ A.S.L.

“If my comrade doubts I laugh confidently
If my comrade sleeps I keep the watch for him
If my comrade falls I fight on for the both of us
Because to every warrior the gods have given a comrade.” ~ Song Of The Comrade, Blood Axis

“And I held the breath inside my lungs for days
And I saw myself as one of many waves
And when I knew I’d become the ocean’s slave
I just stayed.” ~ Waves by the Bahamas

I’m sitting here watching scenes of IRMA basically destroy my beloved SouthLand.  June 1st – December 1st is that time of the year on what I call The Hurricane Train.  It is the tradeoff.  With beauty there is always underlying horror.  Steven and I used to talk all the time about the love of the ocean and this balance.  It is not something that is contrived.  Mother Ocean gives and takes as she sees fit.

On this day the ocean took my comrade.


I finally got around to becoming bonafide certified in the art of freediving.  Something I promised I would do in discussions with him.

Everytime I see a huge set, a wisp of salt spray, or glint of light from the bottom of the ocean I think of his laugh.

Stay deep comrade, stay deep.






“With heart and hand I pledge you while I load my gun again, you will never be forgotten or the enemy forgiven, my good comrade.”

~ A.S.L.

As I just told the wife of Steven Swenson –  this evening  – I did not have the intention to write anything today.  As  I lifted weights this morning hoping they would lie to me concerning the poundage and watching the scenes of 9.11 – I remember 10 years ago – today – getting quite a different phone call four years after said terrorist  tragedy based on some theistic apparition. I hadn’t intended to write anything however many times intent can vacillate.  This vacillation was exacerbated by inquiry from a person who was wondering how a team came together eating steaks – so I answered him. Which in turn led him to comment “You should write a book.”  Yes well 10 years ago it was to be called “From The Valley To The Sea.”

Its been a decade.  Its time for some closure.   However one last little tidbit.

Sven: “Hey man i’m gonna cast off, you wanna take it down from San Juan to San Fran?”

Me: “Nah i gotta hit the road get on the tin bird.”

Sven:” So I’m gonna tell them I am leaving.”

Me: “Nah man dont do that just keep checking in the code via the wireless McGiver Rig”

(Note: Way pre ubiquitous wi-fi days)

Sven: “Think it will work?”

Me: “Sure I’ll run interference.”

In the book I’ll come clean on how I accomplished this…

This lasted 3 months before they found out…

So I was told its time to start writing.  One last thing before i sign off.  Roma, Leif and Gage – Steven would be very proud of all of you.

Oh yea and here is the Micgiver Rig… HAIL SVEN!

Its a Sven holding a Tampon.

Its a Sven holding a Tampon.


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In Memoriam – Steven Swenson March 13, 1967 – September 11, 2005

“With heart and hand I pledge you while I load my gun again, you will never be forgotten or the enemy forgiven, my good comrade.”

~ A.S.L.

Well time contracts when you are taking care of business.  Another year has passed.  Most are acting like they are patriotic talking about the terrorist activity in the United States of America.  My hat tip to John Hoekman who ran down 87 flights of stairs in the North Tower after trying to save several persons.  An individual and comrade who is a cut above most.  That is all I have to say on that matter.  Hoekmaster Hails!

For those that know you know what I write about every year on this date since 2005.  Its been 8 years.  For those that are not aware you can and should refer to this link:  HAIL THE SVEN.

As a society we are loosing the concept of the true Tribal Nature of Man.  On this day we lost a husband, father, waterman and I lost one of my tribe and comrades Steven Swenson.  

I will never forget.

Today I spoke at BarCampCHS. After many requests I decided to upload my deck.  Here is my pitch deck pitching How To Do A Quick and Dirty StartUp – BarCampCHS: DirtyStartups.   I have been pretty busy lately but have been taking a ton of notes for several blogs in the future.  Also note please follow me now @tctjr.

Until then,

Go Big Or Go Home!


This is great news on many fronts. First its about the data – in fact – the metadata associated with the company. Its is also about the almanac nature of the data. MetaWeb was also Resource Description Framework (RDF) based which bodes well for the future of the Semantic Web. Third they were a startup that was purchased. Empowerment. Entrepreneurship. Ideas-2-Bank.

here is the link:

Until Then,

Go Big Or Go Home!


The Way To Do It

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The machine in action: ITA hammered it.  Massive $100M Series A raise from the crew at Sequia and Catalyst and then in 2010 Google decides to pick them up for $700M after a year long bidding war with the usual suspects. Read it here:

ITA Exits at $700M

That said notice why they were bought:  The Data.  Data provisioning and categorization in a nice neat package.  Fluid data that empowered other sites.  Also note the nature of this deal.  People wonder why The Valley will always be on top.  Most will say because they had a head start.  I say because they will continue to invest in people and ideas.

Until Then,

Go Big Or Go Home,